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Here are some links to some of our favourite websites.
Just click on the blue highlighted link and you'll be wisked away to that web address.

Maybe you have a link to a favourite site you would like to see here. Place it in an E-mail to us with a brief description about the site, and maybe we will put it on this page.

Postal related Sites
NALC Links

We found this web page, that contains links to many different web-sites.  Some of these web-sites are from Locals all around the country.  Very interesting to see what is going on in other Branches.

USPS You love 'em, you hate 'em ,you can't live without 'em. Here is the official website to our infamous employer.
Weingarten Rights This web site informs you of your Weingarten Rights. These are the rights that all of us have to union representation. These rights apply to all employees, on top of our rights won by our union in our National Agreement. Check this one out , and learn your rights!
Joint Contract Administration Manual This will take you directly to the page on the NALC website that has the JCAM on it.

Our Members Favorite Sites
D'Arcy's Chocolate Lair

Our new Trustee, Paul Veiock, and his wife, have a business starting out. This is the web-site for their new company. Check it out. They have delectible tasties for sale.

Interested in having a bear party at your home?  This web-site is for the business of our own Wayne Calloway, and his wife.  Scented bears are their specialty.


Friends of Joshua Goldstein

This web-site is sent to us from a brother Letter Carrier.  His name is David  Goldstein, and is a member of Br. 769 in Haddonfield.  Joshua was  born with Joubert Syndrome.  Hopefully there is something that we can all do to  help.


United We Stand